3.5 Very Good

Maha Shaktimaan

This is actually a movie that i have on video in my house. My father must of bought it as a bargain bulk pack of videos from a old shop. This movie is very rare to find and most people will probably never heard of this. This is actually quite a decent entertaining movie that is in terms of quality is bad. Its set in the olden war days, where two groups are in war and there is some kind of monster who specialises in black magic. Its not really a monster and yet it is, Its like a sorcerer who looks like a monster but also can turn human. Im sure the producer of this film spent money on this movie, but could not gain profit. Raj Babbar stars in this movie, but he was always a bad actor. Meenakshi stars in this movie, the only famous face (not including Ranjeet) who looks sexy in one of the dance songs.