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Kyaa Kool Hai Hum Movie Review

Kyaa Kool Hai Hum Movie Rating

Fasten your seat belts and get set for a joyride called KYAA KOOL HAI HUM. A rib-tickling comedy on the lines of MASTI and AMERICAN PIE, this Sangeeth Sivan-directed film follows the same path that David Dhawan pioneered in Bollywood.

Leave your thinking caps behind as you gear up to watch KYAA KOOL HAI HUM. If you're looking for logic or sensible cinema, KYAA KOOL HAI HUM is not for you. But if you prefer the laughathons -- films that stress on masti and dhamaal in those 2.30 hours -- KYAA KOOL HAI HUM is just for you.

Targeted at the youth and laced with naughty jokes and hilarious situations, KYAA KOOL HAI HUM is akin to a 'kool' shower in this scorching heat. It refreshes you for sure!

Meet Rahul [Tusshar] and Karan [Ritesh Deshmukh]. Not exactly diaper buddies, but definitely thick friends. Rahul is sincere, simple and hardworking, while Karan is just the opposite. While Rahul aspires to become a famous fashion designer some day, Karan dreams of marrying a girl with a pretty face and a prettier bank balance.

Meanwhile, the city is rocked with a series of rape and killings and the police are in search of this dreaded serial killer. Things take a funny turn when Rahul becomes the prime suspect and this sets the police on the trail. They hatch a plan with the help of a famous criminologist, Dr. Screwala [Anupam Kher], to nab him in action.

The job of nabbing Rahul in action is entrusted to a violent lady inspector called Urmila Martodkar [Isha Koppikar]. Urmila enters Rahul's life on some pretext and tries to seduce him into showing his true face of a rapist and a killer.

Meanwhile, Karan, the wannabe casanova, has managed to woo his boss' ex-girlfriend called Kiran [Bobby Darling]. Kiran's parents strike a plan to brainwash him and for that they seek help from Kiran's cousin Rekha [Neha Dhupia], a psychologist.

The film reaches its crescendo when the police are on the verge of arresting Rahul as the rapist and Karan is about to wed Kiran at the temple. What happens next?

KYAA KOOL HAI HUM abounds in illogical situations and the writers [Sachin Yardi, Pankaj Trivedi] make no bones about it. The gags, punches and situations -- most of them are of the nonsensical variety -- keep you in splits and thoroughly entertained through the entire first half.

Besides, the film moves at a lightening speed, giving the viewer no time to blink an eyelid. Not just Tusshar and Ritesh, but even Isha Koppikar, Anupam Kher and Razzaq Khan's characters keep you glued to the goings-on. It's these characters and their interaction with the two boys that makes the mood upbeat.

But the sparks are missing in the post-interval portions. Yes, the second half moves on the same track, but since the film rests on a thin plot, the story stagnates at this juncture. In fact, you constantly feel that things are being stretched without much reason. For instance, the 'Chaska' track -- although well filmed -- looks completely forced in the narrative. Ditto for a few sequences in this half.

Even the jokes in the second half aren't as funny. The climax too leaves a lot to be desired. The killer's identity and the reason that prompted him to commit mass murders aren't too convincing or funny in this case.

Sangeeth Sivan tackles a different genre this time around and he does it extremely well. It's difficult to make people laugh, but Sivan succeeds in tickling your funny bone at most places. The cat sequence, as well as the cigarette portion and the one with mannequins are sure to bring the house down. Also, he has extracted wonderful performances from one and all, which is a tall achievement considering the fact that none of the actors are supposed to be veterans at comedy.

One of the strong pillars of KYAA KOOL HAI HUM are its dialogues, which are exceptional [also penned by Sachin Yardi, Pankaj Trivedi]. The witty one-liners are sure to catch your attention from the word go. Without doubt, the dialogues are the USP of the enterprise.

Music [Anu Malik] is in sync with the essence of the film. But barring the title track, the remaining numbers don't stay with you after the show is over. Even the Jay Sean track doesn't make you jump with excitement. Cinematography [Ramji] is up to the mark.

It's indeed difficult to make choices when it comes to the on-screen performances. But there's no denying that both Ritesh and Tusshar vie for top honors. After MASTI, KYAA KOOL HAI HUM is another film that showcases Ritesh's talent to the optimum. The actor sheds his inhibitions and delivers an incredible, knockout performance.

Tusshar is lovable and the sincerity in his performance shows all through. Cast in a role that suits his persona, Tusshar handles his part with remarkable ease and emerges trumps. The innocent look, coupled with his performance, makes him a winner.

Isha Koppikar is a revelation. The industry and moviegoers are sure to wake up to this reservoir of talent after this film. The role of an uncouth cop would've fallen flat had it been entrusted to someone inferior, but Isha handles it like an efficient professional.

Neha Dhupia doesn't really get much scope or the best lines, but she fits the glamorous part extremely well. Anupam Kher is in form after a long time. He is outstanding! Razzaq Khan is another actor who is superb. His pronunciations are sure to make the audience go wild.

Shoma Anand is competent. Rajpal Yadav [sp. app.] doesn't register an impact this time. Sushmita Mukherjee does very well in a brief role. Avtar Gill, Vijay Patkar [cop], Raj Zutshi and Bobby Darling lend able support.

On the whole, KYAA KOOL HAI HUM is a refreshing, fun-filled entertainer targeted at the youth mainly. At the box-office, the film should sail safe on the basis of the youth brigade. Its business at multiplexes during the weekends mainly will be heartening. Has the potential to grow with a good word of mouth!

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