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Kya Yahi Sach Hai Music Review



Kya Yahi Sach Hai comes to you as a surprise. With no prior hint whatsoever around what the film is all about, who features in it and when is it actually releasing, one is totally clueless around what would the music have to offer here. Moreover with largely unknown composers coming together to offer a song or two, it only adds on to doubts around the overall quality that the album would have to offer here.


Santosh Anand is the composer and lyricist for 'Ye Zindagi Hai' and one does expect a fair bit of credibility out of the whole affair since it has Shreya Ghoshal coming behind the mike. As expected from her, she does well too and this is where one tends to observe that regardless of the set up or the banner, she is one singer who just enjoys the very fact that she is singing. Though this philosophical song about life is routine and has a 'sugam sangeet' feel to it, hence turning out to be merely passable, it is still a decent enough start for Kya Yahi Sach Hai when one was expecting something even lesser.

What follows next is a weird number though. With lyrics like 'Koyal Gutar Go', this one takes a Western route which is heavy on arrangements and is basically a combined effort of singers Jaspreet Singh, Tochi Raina and Vishal Khurana. In fact Vishal is also the lyricist here while co-composing the song with Rooshin Dalal. Eventually the song just doesn't manage to settle down and ultimately comes across as a scattered musical piece which just doesn't manage to register itself in entirety.

With Shreya Ghoshal returning on the scene with 'Voh Sunehare Din', there is fair bit of normalcy that comes back in the album. This one too is in the same mode as 'Ye Zindagi Hai' and almost comes across as an extension of what one heard at the beginning of the album. Composed by newcomer Nirmal Augustaya and written by Ibraheem Ashq, this one is actually the best of the enterprise that one has heard so far. The song has a late 80s/early 90s feel to it and one also ends up faintly remembering a well composed (but forgotten today) number 'Aaj Raat Chandni Hai' from Kal Ki Awaaz.

Frankly, the song that catches your attention even before it is played is 'Tere Pass Hai Danda Toh Mere Pass Hai Bumm'. Of course the lyrics are pretty straight forward but then going by the times we are living in where The Dirty Picture is turning out to be a box office smash hit, it could just be unfair to penalise a song like this just because it belongs to a lesser film. Nevertheless, it is the overall product that does count eventually and 'Tere Pass Hai Danda Toh Mere Pass Hai Bumm' could appeal only at some interiors of the country. Composed by Rooshin Dalal and written by Naseem Ansari, this song sees the arrival of another singer - Neel Sarkar - who could well be coming behind the mike for many more such songs.

What turns out to be a total put off though is 'Pyara Hai Kitna Payara Hai' which has the kind of sound which is worse than a school anthem song. Supposed to be a patriotic song with drum beats as an add-on support, 'Pyara Hai Kitna Payara Hai' is a Nirmal Augustaya composition with Ibraheem Ashq as the lyricist. However the song is tuned so badly that it sounds like a poor cousin of a 'Nana Munna Raahi Hoon' [Son of India] that was heard half a century ago. The choice of singers (Nitesh Raman, Shivani Nigam, Viveck Shetty) doesn't help the cause either.

There isn't much respite though with the arrangements of 'Udakae Mujhko Ye Hawaein' being shockingly 80s. This Nirmal Augustaya composed and written number just doesn't seem to have been created in the current times and even though one expected that the presence of Alka Yagnik here (heard after a hiatus) would perk up the affairs, none of that happens. While this one belongs to heard today-forgotten immediately variety, surprisingly the makers seem to have quite some confidence in it due to which they have placed it twice in the album, this time with Shreyas Ghoshal chipping in.

Last to arrive is a four minute musical piece, 'The Retreat', which only makes one heave a sigh of relief that the album is finally through.


Skip it.


Voh Sunehare Din

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