5 Excellent

Krrish is a movie I watched just yesterday on DVD...and I must say that I wished I had seen the movie in cinemas. Krrish is a very well-made movie, but does it live up to it's prequel? I don't think so. The reason for it's not living up-to-standards bit is firstly because Jaadu is no where to been seen in the movie, secondly one of the songs "Dil Na Diya" seems unwanted and irrelevant to the script and thirdly I wish Priyanka Chopra had more to do with the movie! The movies plus points are as follows:
Music by Rajesh Roshan is undoubtedly proof of hid efforts.
The film unravels itself faster then Koi Mil Gaya, leaving enough room for the flying, jumping and action sequences of Superhero Hrithik Roshan.
Priyanka Chopra looks Gorgeous!
Special Effects, Cinematography, Choreography and Background score are all top-notch.
Rekha and Hrithik's performances are outstanding.
Naseeruddin Shah is a strong contender for the best actor in Villainous Role..
So Overall Krrish is both a money-spinner, an entertainer and a blockbuster that will remain memorable in every viewers heart.