4.5 Excellent


KITES – The Review By Prasenjit

Went for the 1st Day 1st how as usual before I could enter the hall there was a little party that was going on with all the Hrithik Fans in Kolkata. Coconut was broken before we entered the hall..
Coming on the main part The Film started and 1st scene that was showed to us was of Hrithik Roshan and the Movie started and yes it will take u to the J’s World for Sure.It gave a glimpse of what J does for living.. Plenty of Marraiges and so on..For the 1st Half hour The FIRE song was the Best Eye catcher as the whole Cinema Hall was Dancing to it My God what a treat for your Eyes! From the 31st minute of the Movie the Movie starts taking Drastic Turn after every 5 mins or so.
The Last 20 mins before the interval is such well ploted that will make u ask question to your self what will happen next.

Post the Interval the Movie starts taking more Drastic Turns The Action Scenes , Love Scenes , Songs are So Well Picturised that it wont leave ur mind too early.. Comedy is also a important part of this Love Saga really well written and well included in scenes where its really needed.. There are a few Comic Dialogues that will really make u laugh aloud Like the “Ullu Ki Patthi” , “Basanti “Dialog , “Spanish bol bol ke dimag kharab kar diya”… Really Nice! HOT Scenes nothing to worry about go and watch with ur Grand Parents..
Lets Talk abt the Love or Romance in the Movie .. Boy I must tell u frankly This is the best Romantic Love saga that I have witnessed it has got everything in it..One suggestion for all Do take ur Love of Life to watch this movie She will never Leave U ever!

I wont discuss the Climax cause that is the biggest twist of all. Mark my words It will make U cry. It’s a Movie that all wud remember for days to come and Mark my words Hrithik is the Best Actor This Year again(You would believe when u see the Climax and Anti-Climax!)..Its all Hrithik.

If I am to rate this I would strongly Give it 4.5 stars out 5