3.5 Very Good


One Sentence to say before reviewing the kites. "After a long time I have seen a good Romantic Tragedy".
Before release of kites there is a question will these kites is going to fly? I am answering Ya definitely.
Kites is an romantic thriller but its also a tragedy. kites tells us story about two lovers who are not knowing languages of each other then also they are loving each other. Its shows That love has no language. Beautiful topic & concept.
We have seen many times these formula in Hindi movies that hero & heroine are running away from home & that we see again in kites. But, the chase sequences are really heart throbbing and we like to see it.
I cat forget the Dance done by hrithik roshan in that Dance competition. Mind blowing Dance I have ever seen by hrithik roshan.

There are some minuses of movie, It has slow pace and that makes us bore & I think climax could have been better. No doubt Its a tragedy. But,At last moment of the movie, When hero to take revenge We are not getting what we want, i mean audience want some fight sequences & we are not getting that. Whats kind of revenge is these?

Over all kites is watchable at lest one time for the Act & Dance of hrithik roshan.