2 Average


UTV must have given quite a gd chunk of bucks to all these critics....to universally right rave review abt this movie. The movie is just one word...pathetic...main cast is just ok....but all the supporting cast, are a bunch of newcomers who were to act. Everyone is just unrealistic. In pulp fiction....john travolta n samuel jackson were sleek n ruthless....here gangsters, police, heroes all r shown really stupid. The chini gangster is shown living n dealing in crores, living on yatch, whereas in the last scene, he arrives in a taxi sitting in the front seat, how sick is that. Camera work is simply...HEAD paining...hand held camera shots. Morely I think Vishal doesnt at all want songs in his films picturised. As a viewer I would love to see the awesome songs picturised n choreographed properly, but 4 some reason; best known to him; Vishal hates to picturise the songs in his films. eg. beedi, namak.....n here dhan-ta-nan n raat ke dhai baje n fatak....it seems tht the producers wanted the songs in, whereas the director was nt at ll interested. It seems Vishal wanted to make Pulp fiction plus snatch....but ended up making up 'daud'. the only difference been....daud made us laugh....n this is just a no brainer. If you were making daud ...promote it as DAUD not as Pulp Fiction. On the whole, bekkar movie.