5 Excellent

The movie starts with boom, you gonna laugh super hard. You keep on laughing for at least 30 mins with the jokes and the fantabuous acting by Akshay Kumar. OMG i laughed after long time in any movie, all jokes are refreshing and it was so super cool. . Huma Qureshi Akshays wife wow what acting done by her, i didn't expect that level of acting from her.

Movies go smooth and slowly slowly become intense when time goes. I thought now movie gonna be serious and it gonna be boring and Same old story. . Akshay Kumar is underrated lawyer, his father was assistance of top judge of Lucknow and all in Akshay office humiliate him. Akshay wants one chamber on court as he wants to become famous lawyer. So he spoof a girl as he need money to purchase chamber for himself. . Then enters Rajeev Gupta and Anu Kapoor, Anu kappor is big lawyer and Rajeev Gupta is a police officer accused of Fake Encounter. . After an incident Akshay kumar decide to takes most difficult case against Anu Kapoor and Rajeev Gupta. FIlm become very intense in Court. , And then there is a entry of Judge Saurabh Shukhla who gave the film a new turn. Wow what a acting he made whole Theater laugh like any thing. Wow when ever movie become serious he punch a joke and we just laugh like a hell, Superb acting by him. . Screenplay :- Screenplay is perfectly build, wow you never feel bore at all in movie. Whenever you think things are predictable, you will get again twist in the movie. And its Different thats what i liked. . Music :- Music is average. Screenplay cover it. . Writing :- Writing is awesome you will not gonna feel bore, and keeps you glued to seat till end. . Direction :- Thats the main part and thanks to Subhash Kapoor to give a perfect piece of art. Its a 2.20 Hours movie and when it ends, you will feel like why the hell movie ends i wanted to see some more. Its like you are in the movie and you are getting full feel of the movie. You cant move your eyes from screen and its quietly brilliant. . Verdict :- I would say if you wanted to watch something different go for it. A must watch film of 2017. All artists in movie did there job perfectly well and superb. . The movie will stir into your minds and you not gonna think about Akshay but each and every character of film. . Must watch movie. Rating :- 9/10. . . ***Thanks For Reading*** :)