4 Very Good

Johnny Gaddaar

Johnny Gaddar, now who is Johnny? No one ! I ts just a way to pay tribute to one of the insprations of this movie, ' Johnny mera naam '
The movie starts with some old fashion (70's) music and graphics. Also we constantly see the inspirations (Movies like parwana and Johnny mera naam and even thriller novels).
All the above things suggest that the movie is a thriller. But its not the conventional thriller where the audience keeps guessing whos the culprit. Here the audience know who is Gaddar from the start, but the characters in the movie are not aware and they keep on guessing who is the gaddar?
Now the story line - This story is about five business partners (actually its a gang but they prefer calling themselves Partners). They get an opportunity to make two and half crores in just 4 days. Now one of the member starts thinking of double crossing everyone else so that he can have all the money and wants to settle with his girlfriend in Canada. This is how the story starts and eventually one by one the gang members get killed.
Now this is such a differet and interesting thriller which amazes each and everyone. The director is a very confident one and should get a round of applause for brilliant execution. The cinematography as well as the backgroud score is superb. Especially one of the scenes in which ther e is no dialogue or no music for around 15 - 20 ,ins, its just the train sound and sound related to the situation, not a single string or cord disturb the natural flow .
About the music, there are not too many songs, just one song which is a good one and moves with the story. There are few more songs which come in whenever the situation demands, but not for more than a minute.
Now the best part of the movie, its performances, not only the five gang members have played their part to excellence, but also the supporting characters have given their best. Dharmendra, Zakir Hussain, Vinay Pathak, Govind Namdeo have done their best, about the mew comer, he is good looking as well as he acts naturally which is very important. He has innocent eyes, which works in his favour for this movie. Hope to see him in many more movies.
Atlast if you appreciate different movies and creative thinking, then this one is for you.
Dont miss it.