4 Very Good

Jodhaa Akbar

jodha-akbar,the new tale of india's history by
ashutosh gowariker passes all the test & proves
out to be a gem of indian cinema.the plot relies
on various epic events which has been displayed
very well in the movie.the script has been kept
tight for the viewer to think what next?the
screenplay is a series of gems.the dialouges are mature & most importantly matching that era.the direction is a masterpiec.directing 1000 of people is not an easy thing,but ashutosh has proved that its an hobby for him.music excels.
performances are its shining rage.hrithik roshan
firstly seen in the mughal outfit.he looks dashing.but his performance is more powerful.
he has the sensitivity & the matureness both.
aishwarya has got another hit in her bag.her
acting is pierce.sonu sood is like a polishing
to a brilliant diamond.overall jodha-akbar is
totally a grand affair which will set new records.