1 Poor


In beginning few scenes, you come to know that makers have lost their balance. Like main female lead shouts like hell when her daughter gets missing from school relay race as if she was aware that her daughter could get kidnapped, if it was there then they should have established it in earlier scenes. Mother, daughter scenes are very routine, like missing to kiss while seeing her off to school, missing on dinner table. An over smart lawyer believes on kidnapper words, only seeing her daughter video that she is safe right now, video could have been past recorded too. Except climax nothing is new in story. Screenplay fails to offer any thrill. It just passes the information. First scene of court room is very childish but they wanted to use this character in later second half of film so just stuffed it. Dialogues by Mr. Kamlesh Pandey are too good. It is quite surprising that how can he manage to stud romantic gems in such type of dry genre film, like "Neend To Mashooqa Ki Tareh Hoti Hai, Waqt Na Do To Bura Mankar Chali Jati Hai" " Mohabbat Hai Isiliye To Jane Diya, Zid Hoti To Banhon Me Hoti." His work is simply adorable. Screenplay is so lame that ransom caller knows her every whereabouts except when she investigates. Even kidnapper send dummy hand to terrify her, how obsolete and repeated this one!? When they felt that screenplay is not being tight then they stuffed some meaningless characters, like Neyaj wife and few others. Most irritating stuff is showing flashback with every ones point of view statement. Seeing almost same things so many times is mentally tiring. How can a thriller can carry such type of stupid scenes? Interval is so exaggerated like typical high octane action movie. I liked one shot that is the way to take kid medicine by giving instruction to keep it in dog's collar pouch. Performance wise Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is good. Irrfan Khan is fantastic as always. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Neyaj, is very good. Shabana Azami makes her character believable with her fine expressions. Jackie Shraoff is OK. Atul Kulkarni is fine. One track by Amjad - Nadeem " Bandeya Tu Munh Mod Ke Na Ja Re, Ruk Ja Re" is melodious.