3 Good


Jazbaa, an action-drama film directed by Sanjay Gupta, stars Irrfan Khan and Shabana Azmi in supporting roles and you know who is in lead! With the Spoilers' warning I'm gonna start the review.

Okay so the film tells the story of Anuradha Verma (A.R. Bacchan) is a prominent lawyer, who has yet to lose a case. And then her daughter disappears. Later in the day, Anuradha receives a phone call from the man who abducted her daughter. The man makes it clear that the only way she will ever see her daughter again is to defend a convicted felon who is appealing his conviction in Court. Anuradha has only few days before his trial ends. She is warned not to go to the cops because the abductor will be closely watching all her moves. Anuradha's cop friend Yohan (irrfan Khan), a suspended policeman, finds out about the abduction and decides to help her. Anuradha has to race against time to save her daughter. All she has are few days. And do watch the movie to know what happens next (Though the climax is predictable enough). This movie is a remake of a Korean movie named "Seven Days".


Okay! I'm of the opinion that A.R. Bacchan couldn't have chosen a better film to come back after her five-year long break and A.R. Bacchan is in a character that isn't close to anything she has done before. Several times the supporting casts (Irrfan Khan and Shabana Azmi) did lift the scenes to a higher note. When it's a matter of Mr. Sanjay Gupta, how can someone miss unwanted and unnecessary item song. It movie includes 'car chasing' too. I do think editing could have been done in more intelligent way, though its decent. This movie has a time-span of 120 minutes only! I don't know why did Mr. Kamlesh Pandey missed the essence of the movie sometimes. Serious story-line with funny dialogues.

Other technical faults:

• Mental asylum and Rehab centers aren't same.

• Suspended cop aren't allowed to order juniors.

• Little continuity faults (you can ignore).

Wrapping up:

Go for :

• Story

• Acting of Irrfan Khan and Shabana Azmi and A.R. Bacchan.

Bypass it for:

• Try hard to feel suspense (For movie buffers).

For me it's : 3***/5 (considering overall movie. Though Irfan, A.R. Bacchan, S. Azmi deserves 4.5*)