5 Excellent

जनहित में जारी (Theatre release in 2022)
छत्तरीवाली (OTT released in 2023)
Both streaming on Z5
Both films are on same social taboo topic with much self confidence.

Now both films dealt with serious issues such as teenage pregnancy, maternal mortality, unsafe abortions, empowering women with reproductive rights.

Both the movies are brilliantly scripted on relating to society control on women sexuality, lack of extensive sex education, poor access to contraceptives services by women, which are the main reasons for the unprecedented rise in teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
Importantly both the movies used humour and punch lines in local language of Karnal Haryana and Chanderi MP to educate small town peoples with fun packed 2 hours entertainment which keeps you laughing till the end.

Hats off to Directors Tejas Vijay Deoskar of Chatriwali and Jai Basantu Singh of Janhit may Jaari for making in a low budget of 12-15 crores, a entertaining and meaningful sensible informative Film with beautiful dialogues with zero vulgarity, well edited, excellently performed by lesser known actors.

If we can watch a senseless action senceless romance packed movies in name of entertainment, why not such type of topics which needed talking openly, sholuld be made repeatedly.
Such Films should be shown to young teens as well as to women.

Now question is why 'Jan Hit May Jaari' failed on box office..answer is simple..our culture and traditions doesn't allow us to talk about condoms and sanitary pads openly by a woman, and that's why this film failed at box office.