2.5 Good


I watched jaan-e-mann yesterday and I was shocked to see Don was house full and jaan-e-man had only 8 people on first day first show, and among them 3 left the theatre in the middle of the movie. Movie was alright. But the director did a good job being first timer. The movie had many flaws, which I wish to share

1) Priety keep on telling to Akshay about suhan and akshay not for one second thought that it could be same Suhan which is helping him, cause when akshay went to priety's house and find a guy name suhan. but still it never crossed his mind that it could be same suhan

2) Salman khan worked to boo-boo diapers, but his add never seen by priety. She had a child and I am sure she needs diaper and she was a working woman, but she never got to know that salman is in her area and never saw his add. STRANGE.
there are more flaws but these two were major ones. It also remind me of kal ho na ho, being salman helping akshay (SRK helping Saif), and even in kal ho na ho (SRK gives saif an ear piece and same in this one).

I don't know when directos will leave that one heroine and two hero stories.