4.5 Excellent


I think comparing SRK DON wdt Bacchan DON is foolishness coz vr living in 2days world n shud talk bout the 2days thing if sm1 says the loopoles in story thn it means the yester year DON also got the same but V wont say dht.Vr trying to check whr DON did bad but what bout the better part of the movie the NEW DON is a complete different movie thn OLD one.I m not agree wdt Taran Adarsh report card of DON coz movie is more thn our xpectation.Every thing is fine in DON story as the same OLD DON so it has to be Good coz already V accepted that N the TWISt cannot be given more better thn dis,performance wise DON is Good every were S I agree OM PURI was wasted in dis movie. SRK is xcellent n he did his job N PRIYANKA,BOMMAN,ARJUN,ISHA n KAREENA all did well but let me say the NEW DON is a real DOn coz the OLD one is bout VIJAY who act like a DON so that movie name has to be VIJAY not DON here the NEW DON is intelligent,samrt,sharp n a Great Fighter who play wdt all thats Y he say DON KO PAKADNA MUSHKIL HI NAHI NAMUMKIN HAI n its proved in NEW DON in OLD DON DON is dead in the begining it self so how come dis intelligent Generation get convinced wdt the same story.N about Kammeni Dead let me say his Fiancee also killed by DON so DON say he doesnt have Bullet but he never say he cannot kill her wdt out dht so I say simply sayin to point a movie is not upto the mark its better V shud think twice thn say.over all DON is a GOOD movie to watch a Good thriller too to enjoy.