4 Very Good


A very different kind of a film from the normal ones , which basically people are used to ...Even I had gone to watch thinking that the movie would be the same tirangle...it was only the look of the movie which fascinated me.

I think shirish has done a good attempt as a director , but what happened to shirish ,the editor ?? why was the movie soooo lonnnnnnggggg ??

Again the positive side of the movie is the performances -- Priety looks pretty and acts her part well , Akshay gives a good performance , but the show is stealed by our own Salman ( this being his best performance till date , shirish has made him show his best side as an actor , full marks to shirish for that ) , Melodious music and mind blowing cinematography with farah's elegant choreography ... I think this movie is rocking just like a fairy tale ......

Thumbs up to SK2 Salman Khan and Shirish Kunder)