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Ho Sakta Hai Movie Review

Ho Sakta Hai Movie Rating

Sometimes, a good subject, delayed for reasons, can go unnoticed. That's applicable to HO SAKTA HAI, which would've made some impact had it released on time. Also, with television channels showing horror stories every second day, a film like HO SAKTA HAI comes a bit too late in the day.

Yet, there's no denying that the film succeeds in scaring the viewer in a couple of deftly executed sequences, which is what a supernatural thriller ought to do.

A phone call makes Mohan [Khalid] start from the American Institute of Medical Studies, U.S. to rush to meet his grand-father [Victor Banerjee]. In a hurry to meet his grand-father, Mohan happens to meet Kushaba [Mukesh Tiwari], a saint, who can predict the layout of anybody's house by looking at their faces.

Khetwadi is a small village in India where Mohan's grand-father stays. His grand-father's wealth attracts the evil eyes of Parvati [Mohini], the wife of the caretaker of the house. She casts a spell on the house by practicing black magic. Mohan realizes that his brother and sister-in-law are missing and their son Tanya [Dharmik] is possessed by unknown forces.

Mohan learns that Parvati's acts are gripping Tanya and makes him commit crimes. Convinced that the black magic is working on Tanya, Mohan is now cornered and left with only one option -- to believe in what exists and fight against it.

An interesting story armed with some slick special effects and effective sound quality, HO SAKTA HAI manages to send a chill down the spine intermittently. But the film gets too slow at times and that's where the viewer starts getting restless.

Wilson Louis' direction is up to the mark. The film doesn't give an impression that it's directed by a first-timer. Special effects and background music are excellent.

Victor Banerjee dominates the show with a competent performance. Khalid and Hazel are alright. Dharmik, as the possessed kid, acts with ease. Mohini is fair. Mukesh Tiwari is as usual.

On the whole, HO SAKTA HAI would've worked had it come at the right time. Besides, lack of hype will also go against it.

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