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There are very few well made Horrors in Indian history. In Hollywood Horrors are releasing continuously in week or in next month, But in India Those who loves Horror they have to wait for months. reason there are very few audience who likes these genre.

OK let it go. let's talk about new release horror 'HELP'.

In one sentence It's a strong horror movie ever made with these subject in Indian History. Superb Horror in all respects. Those who like to frighten just go and enjoy it. Its Really Scary Horror.

'HELP' is story of mugdha godse who is posses by evil. We have seen many time these in Indian Horror but its different Subject and that leads it to top.

Director Rajeev Virani has tried to told different story with interesting plot. Suspense is the key of these Movie. We cant guess till that what is happening? what does evil want from mugdha ? why evil has possessed to mugdha? All these questions are the suspense of these movie.

To know all these you need to watch 'HELP'.

Bobby Deol has done nice job. Shreyas is superb in short role. Here I want to single out Mugdha, She is fantastic.

Special effects are Excellent, Back ground Score is awesome.Its Really Scary.

Horror Scenes are Heart Throbbing, You are finally going to bit your nails. They are too Scary.

Well made Thriller / Horror in all respects. I think it Released on Wrong time. With Clash with Peepli(LIVE) can harm these Superb horror on Box Office.

Overall, HELP is Really Scary and Made for those who love Horrors. Just go with your families and enjoy these Well made horror.