0.5 Poor

I wish i can give this film a big zero if IMDb allowed me to and if they had the option. Let me briefly tell you what this film is all about and you tell me if this film is good. Its about Salman Khan who sits down in a lounge after doing a concert and suddenly Katrina comes in. She mysteriously sits next to him and turns her laptop in. As usual Salman will try and flirt with her, and she decides to tell him a story. The story is about these 4 or 5 guys who work at a call centre. They all have some very minor every day problems in their life's. The films starts getting very slow and boring. Next thing you know you closed your eyes and then you open them and its almost 2 hours gone in the film. You see them in a car about to fall. They think they will die, but they receive a phone call that is apparently from god. God tells them that they should be grateful to be living. This is reminding me of a Hollywood film Saw, where Jigsaw killer does a similar thing. Anyway suddenly they start changing their lives all because of the phone call. Next thing a sleepy bored looking Salman Khan tells Katrina, who is she and Katrina does not answer. She disappears and guess what, Salman's bodyguards didn't see any girl. She was probably god, what the hell is this garbage. Anyway Sohail and Sharman are usually funny and try their best but still were poor. All other girls gave a disgraceful performance. Amrita's was playing a humble wife was a bore to watch. Anyway this film is a poor poor poor poor poor show all the way.