5 Excellent

Hattrick is a good movie.Satyajit(Nana Patekar) has done a good role of a strict,not laughing and cricket hating doctor but he does a better role of changing after the advice given to him by David(Danny Denzongpa) who is a former Indian Cricketer.Hemu(Paresh) is the best role of Paresh he has done so father and he is best in the climax of his story(which I'll in my favourite scenes).Saby(Kunal Kapoor) is good in his role of more cricket lover and less wife lover but looks dashing in the man stripper party scene.Kashmira(Rimi Sen) is good in her role of a wife been less loved by her husband Saby but she turns funny when she sees Dhoni on the TV and when she starts thinking of Dhoni.All the other actors are good especially the little kid in the first scene with David in the hospital where Satyajit comes to know the truth of his son.