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By now, it has become an inevitable fact that Himesh Reshammiya is a braveheart in whatever he dabbles himself into. You may not like him and he may not feature on your favourite actor list, but certainly, you cannot ignore him. Whenever Himesh Reshammiya stars in a film, it's got to be a musical and Happy Hardy and Heer is no exception.

Happy Hardy and Heer is a slice of life rom-com that takes you back to the times when simple stories were the order of the day with ordinary-looking people and their not too complex issues and problems. The film rests on a thin storyline (Himesh Reshammiya). Director Raka makes a sincere attempt but his striking direction is let-down by a boringly monotonous screenplay - written by Himesh Reshammiya's wife Sonia Kapoor Reshammiya - ranging from interesting to mundane to yawn-inducing. The USP, decidedly, is Himesh Reshammiya's musical score but how one wishes the super music was complemented by an equally superior script. Additionally, Happy Hardy and Heer doesn't rise to entertaining levels for two reasons. One, too many songs interlaced in the narrative. Two, the pace dips and the plot loses the steam after a point to the hilt.

Though Happy Hardy and Heer rests on a fragile plot, with the writing holding your interest at places, there are been-there-seen-that kind of situations aplenty and the narrative is laced with too many songs. Whether or not the situation warrants them, you have one track ready to unspool every now and then.

Directorially, Raka has avoided going over the top and remains faithful to the subject but he's handicapped by a sketchy screenplay. He cannot do much given the fact that there's no novelty at all. Overall, his direction is impressive. Himesh Reshammiya's music is expectedly top-notch. All the tracks are lilting compositions as well. Chandan Kowli's cinematography is perfect.

Himesh Reshammiya seems thoroughly dedicated to his craft and the composer/singer/actor goes that extra mile to get the role right. He has grown as an actor and that reflects in several moments of the film. Sonia Mann is completely natural. She looks alluring and acts well. Her confident portrayal stands out. Naresh Suri is impressive. Manmeet Singh is good. Deep Mandeep is perfect. Ashwin Dhar, Sejal Shah and Trupti Khamkar lend able support.

On the whole, Happy Hardy and Heer does appeal in bits and spurts but not in totality. The film isn't bad, but it isn't great either. Though it has a hit score to its credit, it won't work at the box-office. Flop!