5 Excellent


Just saw Guru!

A Masterpiece! Speechless I am! This movie is not for regular moviegoer in that it involves intellectuals to properly understand the second half of the movie. A Perfectly directed, terrific performances by all actors equally, fantastically choreographed songs... So if you like your love story masala movies, you may think this movie is boring. Only Mani Ratnam can make such a good movie based on a person's dream and how far he takes it.

Bravo Abishek! He is the main character Guru. Performed his role incredibly well. His dialogues and physical gestures at the end were marvelous. Abishek is identified on his own and gladly he doesn't remind me of his father even in intense situations. Not that I have anything against Amitabh Bachan but I am glad Abishek is an actor of high caliber of his own. Besides Abishek, the best of the part of the movie is Mithun. Even after the movie Mithun's acting lingers in your head and gives something to remember for a long time. His acting is immensely personified. Mithun's love for Guru (Abishek), struggle to stay honest on his own and stick to the truth can only be performed by our Mithun'da! This tormented feelings within the actor (Mithun) on screen come so much alive. I loved every bit of him since that is such a difficult character to portray on screen. Mithun's acting is flawless and I would be very surprised if Mithun too does not get the award besides Abishek. Mithun is enjoyable at scenes such as the "meow meow" when playing the twins is so cute. Mithun's talent is not wasted even though he has a shorter role. Mani Ratnam injects Mithun's genius acting capability at the perfect situations of the movie. What's incredible too is that Mithun never overacts in any scene. It's that perfectly natural ! Mithun better get an award for this movie!

Overall all performances were good. Mallika is a hottie....loved that song. Everything about the movie is A ++++. Very unconventional, spirited, racy movie. Loved it!