2.5 Good


Unhappy with three of his sons from his first wife, an Emperor (Sapru) is pleased when told that his second wife (Salochna Chatterji) has given birth to a son (Master Ripple), Taj. This pleasure does not last long as soon his astrologers caution him that as soon as he sees his son he will lose his vision, and must stay away from him for a period of 27 years. After a lengthy discussion, his wife and son leave the palace and live an impoverished lifestyle with no contact with the palace. After 26 years, the emperor, while on a hunting trip with his three sons (Maruti, Sunder, C.S. Dubey) comes across Taj and instantly becomes blind. When Taj finds out, he is guilt-ridden and assures his mother that he will not return until he finds a cure - which is only available in Paristan - a place where no mortal has ever gone before. He starts his journey - not knowing that he will end up falling in love with Nausheena (Nishi) while his step-brothers, who are closely following him, will attempt to create hurdles and obstacles in order to compel him to give up.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)