4 Very Good

Golmaal 3

The Golmaal 3 Really worked out like its title song, Golmaal is back Again. Its really back again after The second installment 'Golmaal Returns' which I not like that much.

G3 Really Rocks. These time Golmaal is really funnier then 'Golmaal' & 'Golmaal Returns', But I want to clarify that its funnier then 'Golmaal' but, its Not that much better then 'Golmaal', But its too far better then 'Golmaal Returns'.

I really enjoyed it.

OK lets review it.

Golmaal is really watchable, not only for one reason, but for many reasons like comedy, terrific performances & its Humorous story line.

We don't get single moment to stop our laugh. there are some emotional scenes, if we minuse that scenes then its really fully funnier entertainment like real 'Golmaal'-The first Installment.

Now Let's talk about Music,
Music of Golmaal 3 is better then Golmaal Returns. But, not better then Golmaal. Today also We like to hear songs of Golmaal. Golmaal title track, Agay piche dolte ho & almost all funny tracks are fabulous. These time Music is better then Golmaal returns. All songs are fun loving and good. They are not appreciated by all type of persons. But, these type of songs have their own audience. These time Golmaal has added two songs from Disco Dancer. I am Disco Dancer & Yaad aa raha hai. Both are good to hear. I like all songs. But, not good as Golmaal, as I say above. Here, I want to single out 2 Songs. 1. Title track - Golmaal with some new Music. 2. I am Disco Dancer.

Overall, Golmaal is really back again. Go For It.
The funnier entertainer of 2010. Enjoy Diwali with G3.