1 Poor


In recent decades, the horror genre has risen to scarier levels. But director Vikram Bhatt still follows the old spooky-tired format with dated makeup and prosthetics. Ghost is tacky, illogical & a snooze fest.

Where do I start? A lazy writing(Vikram Bhatt), poor direction(Vikram Bhatt) & an even more unconvincing act! This film uses every trick in the book & still fails to scare you. Only the really, really weak-hearted could get scared! Ghost is a yawn-fest. Since there is not one scary scene in the film, the only relief is its crisp runtime(editing: Kuldip Mehan). Even the finale is illogical & unintentionally funny. Also, there are plenty of songs which are presented almost back to back & break the continuity factor. The special effects/VFX are worse than a B-grade tv serial or web series. Ghost is an excuse of a horror film. In fact I would say, the dialogues were way creepier than what we were subjected to on a visual front. Several scenes are left incomplete as well.

Shivam Bhaargava and Sanaya Irani compete with each other to give the most wooden expressions. Shivam Bhaargava wins the contest by his lethargic body gestures, which further pulls this film down. Vikram Bhatt has a short role too but nothing histrionics to portray.

The background score(Sangeet Haldipur-Siddharth Haldipur) is obviously worked upon but it''s a giveaway for what’s about to come next & kills the excitement completely. To sum up, Ghost is a complete waste of time if you want to satiate your frightful taste buds.