5 Excellent


Brilliant, Amazing, Fantastic, Terrific are some of the words i will use to describe this film. I've seen Memento in cinema and found it very good and i thought Ghajini which is a remake wont be better. I was wrong about that, Comparing Ghajini with Memento is like comparing Godfather with The Da vinci code. Ghajini is different and way better then Memento. This film deserves to win Best Film, Best actor, Best actress and best villain. The newcomer Asin who plays a stupid character in the film does a superb performance. I normally hate actresses when they act immature like Kareena Kapoor in many films or even Rani (my favorite) in Bichoo. Asin is a professional. When i saw the villain of thus film, i thought why did they cast this nobody, but once again i was wrong, the villain was great. Aamir Khan worked very hard for this film and he gave a tremendous performance. This is among the Best Aamir Khan movies in his career. Must see.