0.5 Poor


Pain, helplessness and struggling with own for self-identity, Ghajini’s story revolves around the emotions of these words. It will not be wrong if I say it is simply a masala stuff like other bollywood movies, which becomes special when Sanjay Singhania (Amir Khan) a business tycoon struggles to catch his memory back which he looses every fifteen minutes. In this process audience’s mind starts to swim with Sanjay’s mind and this is the key factor for the success of Ghajini. Story is simply straight Sanjay Singhania is the owner of AirVoice mobile company. Kalpana (Asin) daydreams to be a super model actually working, as an extra artiste in an advertisement production company. She is famous of her unpunctuality and pranks. One misunderstanding and Kalpana becomes Sanjay’s girl friend, which actually she is not. Moreover she has never seen Sanjay, but she exploits the situation fully for her self-promotion. A twist in the story, which is still ignored by all the critics, is the sequences that make the story take a huge turn. This twist relates to media who makes the news out of gossips without checking authenticity. Going in details will be an injustice to audience and the movie. These sequences give lighter mood to thriller story. With many bad characteristics, innocent Kalpana has great sense of helping needy. This makes business tycoon Sanjay to fall in love with a struggling model living in a basti. Now sanjay wants to love her the way she is, so he conceals his real identity. Kalapana’s self-made discipline of helping people in trouble becomes enemy of herself. She was killed by the villain Ghajini and in the event of saving her; Sanjay gets severe injuries on his head. Here Sanjay take a new birth with the decease called short-term memory loss. He can remember only what happened in last 15 minutes and the technique he invents to remember everything hammers the audience’s mind so hard that they cannot come out of that shock for next 3 hours. Another USP is that whatever you expect to reveal in the coming scene, the director does exactly opposite. This makes a tremendous screenplay. In his first role Amir gives a smile on your face while in second mask he emotes so wildly and makes your eyes standstill not even to blink. This Sanjay speaks with his eyes and expressions instead of lips. Specially the scenes when Kalpana is killed, Sanjay stuck in girl’s hostel lift and scene in the climax when he kills Ghajini, Amir’s expressions takes you to the height of emotional trauma. Asin is the new talented discovery for bollywood and she nurture a hope for fresh female roles in future. Her bubbly appearance touches the hearts. She has lived her role quiet naturally. Ghajini has been titled exceptionally on the name of a villain in the story, but the titled character comes over the screen only for the moments countable on fingers. In a small role Pardeep Rawat has put the real soul of cruel butcher into Ghajini. Jiah Khan also plays an important role that moves the story further in the second half. Director AR Murugadoss has exploited the capabilities of all the artistes at their level best. He has put them all exactly in the shoes of characters. Amir Khan’s hardwork to build 8 packs has been appropriately improvised in the character. Screenplay is accurately tight and gives a rhythmic pace to the story on screen. Ravi Chandran’s cinematography is top notch. He has captured the emotions of sanjay and locations of Namibia in eye soothing manner. Parsoon Joshi’s lyrics are well made for AR Rehman’s tunes. Guzarish, behka and tum mil gayi has already on the lips of music lovers but only Guzarish fits in the story exactly while tum mil gayi accelerate the emotions. In the end I can say it’s a routine masala movie in which the presence of MR. Perfectionist and freshness of Asin makes it entertaining. It satisfies the emotional and entertainment urge of audience. Because of this, duration of three hours does not irritate.