3.5 Very Good

Amazing movie, dialogues, acting, music, location and direction. Story of revenge in a lawless land, wasseypur. Typical Anurag Kashyap style. Cast and music stands out.

Cast - Manoj Bajpai is brilliant and not to forget Nawazuddin Siddiqui who played Bajpai’s younger son is also first-rate. The sequel will have him in the lead role going by what we see in this first part. In fact all characters have done a fab job. Richa chadha has played brilliant character as Bajpai’s first wife So has all other remaining characters. Perfect casting.

Music - ek bagal me chaand hoga ek bagal me rotiyan,teri keh ke lunga, O Womaniya, Jiya ho Bihar ke lala, it’s different. Oh By the way film has 25 songs and the best part is none stops the story unlike typical Bollywood masala movies.

Starts with STYLE, gun firing. Too many characters to keep pace with. I read it somewhere that story has some 370 characters and 280 of them have dialogues but nevertheless thrilling. It constantly take you back to old days for recounting narrated by a voice over. Tinge of Humor in between some brutal violence is a welcome break. I can’t recall the best dialogues and hence planning a second watch as soon I get my hands on a decent print from my DVD guy. However take these for instance

Us harami ko Mitana Hai Hamein, Goli Nahin marenge , Keh ke Lenge uski

Ye Wasseypur Hai, Yahan Kabutar bhi ek pankh se udta hai, Doosre pankh se apna izzat bachata hai

Uske moonh mein taar daal ke..gaand se nikaal ke issi plot mein patang na udaayi to humra naam nahin

Ager hamare bete Danish ko kuch ho jaata na to itna goli marte ki aapka driver bhi khali khokha bech bech ke raeis ban jaata.

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