2 Average

Fool N Final is an action comedy, which actually is copied/inspired by the English movie Snatch. Snatch is among my favourite movies, and it was disappointing to watch this “copy”. Firoz Nadiadwala, who is the producer, tries to make his movies cool. Sometimes it works and sometimes not, and this time he uses big vehicles (Hummers, which he actually also has used in the precious movies). What is this? Suddenly, Vivek Oberoi’s character is singing “Ek khalsa” in the middle of the desert and behind him the Hummers running around and around!!??! I think the use of such things is unnecessary and boring.

Interestingly, Sunny Deol’s character was among the funniest. Especially the first half part where he is kicking people in desi style with funny background score.

All in all, it is a time pass movie and somehow bongi.