4 Very Good


Like said in many reviews, Firaaq has such a shocking, hair raising opening scene, that assures this is not going to be an easy watch. And it is not easy to watch this movie and forget after leaving the hall.

Firaaq is a story set in 24 hours of few lives living in a city, which has just been burnt down by riots. A muslim couple [Shahana Goswami & ArunKumar] , come back to their home after riots, only to find out ashes. Leaving both of them shocked and angry with life. A Gujarati Hindu family, two brothers [Paresh Rawal, Dilip Joshi] and traumatized wife of elder brother [Deepti Naval] who is still in shock cause she did not open her door to save a Muslim woman. An ageing Music maestro [Naseeruddin Shah], who loses his voice after seeing the tragedy, and a caretaker of him [Raghuveer Yadav]. A muslim businessman [Sanjay Suri] who lost his store because he was a partner in it. He is supported by his Hindu wife [Tisca Chopra] to save him from breaking down. And in between of all this, a boy who is orphaned by the massacre, Mohsin [Mohammad Samad].

The movie has such a dark tone. One can feel the tension around. At times, my heartbeats got raised just by the tension on the screen. Especially when Sanjay Suri's character is going to say something to Police. Or the chase scenes. Full marks to director Nandita Das for such live portrayal of the things. Also I would praise her for not putting even a single scene of riots. The movie is about riots but we don't see a single one but still feel the pain caused by it. The performances are top notch. Though I feel, Naseer could have been used much better.

Shahana Goswami in her second movie, wins accolades as Muneera, a woman who has lost it all and feels aggressive about it. Raghuveer Yadav is at his best. While Paresh Rawal does his bit of satirical style, Deepti Naval as his wife is woman of a few words. She tells everything by her expressions. The pain we can see on her face. Sanjay Suri has a role of guy who is frightened by things going around, and he plays it quite well. Though the script makes this one a little stretched, actor pulls it off well. Tisca Chopra as his Hindu wife also does her bit. Wished she also could have been used more. The child artist, Mohammad Samad, plays his role very skillfully. He puts audience in awe and let them feel what he has been going through. I was listening audience reactions around, and everyone was like 'felt' for the boy.

Direction point of view, the movie is excellent. Evey little things has been taken care off. I could not belive the movie has mostly been shot at Hyderbad. As a citizen of city, Ahmedabad, I was amused how my city was re-created in this movie. Nandita Das has made a unique effort by making a movie about riots, but still she has not included any political issues or religious comments. The thing I was worried about the most.

This is a movie, that can leave you disturbed. So watch it only if you do not get uneasy by such things. Though the movie doesn't sport bloodshed or burning flames but still there is something. I would go with 4 stars for this one. It is a must watch.