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Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review



One isn't quite terribly excited about checking out the songs of 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'. Even though people at the helm of affairs are the likes of Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Pritam, you do get an impression that the music here would be an out and out situational outing which may start making a much better impression only after the film's release. With apprehensions around what really is in the offering, one plays on the album.


The way 'Maara Re' begins, it reminds one of the anthem music that was played during the 'Munnabhai' series. In fact one can clearly sense Vidhu Vinod Chopra brand of music playing here with Pritam recreating the vision that he must have carried for 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'. A song about cricket, 'Maara Re' is written by 'Swanand Kirkire' with Sonu Nigam, Rana Majumdar, Aishwarya Nigam and Ashish coming together for this song that has a good pace and rhythm to it. In fact it is surprising that in this IPL season this song is not quite utilised to the fullest since it has the potential to find favour amongst news and commentary.

'Rusy's Theme' arrives next which is a three minute piece and has a Spanish base. It sounds quite sweet as long as it lasts and thankfully has a subtle tone to it which maintains its smooth flow. What isn't subtle though is 'Mala Jau De' which is sung quite well by newcomer Urmila Dhangar. This is the much talked about item number (though Chopra doesn't wish to call it one) featuring Vidya Balan in a Marathi 'lavani' setting. Guru Thakur's lyrics compliment the setting as well and while Pritam keeps it all authentic here, one can again sense Chopra's influence at work here, especially in the theme sound that plays alongside.

Things turn much quieter though with 'Ae Mere Mann' which is about the thoughts going in the mind of a child who is up for his big mission. Written by Swanand Kirkire and sung by Shyamantan Das, this is also the longest track in the album with duration of over five minutes. A song about truthfulness and the desire to walk the talk despite the path being full of thorns, this one has a thematic feel to it and would be much more meaningful if complimented by just the right setting and visuals in the film's narrative.

Amitabh Bhattacharya pitches in with lyrics for the remaining two songs of the album. Starting with 'Good Night', he comes up with a lullaby which appears to be a legacy left by a mother to her child. With a 'Taare Zameen Par' deja vu prevalent in the song, this one is sung well by Priyani Vani Pandit who almost seems to be whispering in a child's ears.

'Chal Ghoome (Ferrari Ki Sawaari) ' which arrives next is the best of lot. Though this one has a good pace, it starts rather slow. In fact one would have preferred a beginning akin to that of 'Maara Re' or 'Mala Jau De' since a song like this would have done better with an out and out racy presentation. Nevertheless, one has to give it to Pritam here for churning out the tune in such an old fashioned manner that it promises to enhance the simplistic mood of the film. Also, credit to Shaan for singing in a voice that totally compliments Sharman Joshi. One hears Boman Irani and Aayush Phukan faintly as well.

It's an easy going outing though with 'Life Yeh Mausambi Si' which has a laidback feel to it, as conveyed in the way it is tuned. K Mohan sings this one in the same style as that of Mohit Chauhan and does a good job in ensuring that one can play it on in a repeat mode and still not get bored. Of course one does remember 'Life Bahaut Simple Hai' (Stanley Ka Dabba) since the theme, treatment and the core ideology behind living life is just the same. Moreover, lyrics by Satyanshu and Devanshu Singh are simple too and conclude 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari' on a satisfactory note.


'Ferrari Ki Sawaari' is a decent album which, as expected, has a situational theme and presentation to it. This also means that it limits the commercial aspects as would reach out to the audience better after the film has been released. If and when the film succeeds, 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari' can expect to find much more acceptance amongst the audience. However one does feel that there should be much more emphasis on ensuring that 'Maara Re' reaches out to much wider 'junta' this cricket season.


Maara Re, Chal Ghoome (Ferrari Ki Sawaari), Mala Jau De

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