3.5 Very Good

Such a brilliant movie...amazing story line, great locations, perfect dialogues and above all unbelievable acting by SRK as Gaurav. SRK as Aryan was great but as Gaurav he was as Grand as expected. The film has various undertones which were obviously part of the play as well. It would have required a director and screenwriter who is at the peak of his direction and writing skills to have made it happen. Screenplay, perhaps one of the finest in recent times as real as possible- without the extra sugar that you expect from a Fan affection towards their Idol. And best thing, it felt like it ended early as audiences were wanting more. Seriously Indian cinema standards will take a rise more with this movie.Enjoy in the large screen with as many SRK fans as possible along side non SRKians. You just cant get enough of this man's performance Highly recommended to watch more than one.

BOTTOM LINE: If you don't like SRK, you will come out of theatre with heart full of emotions for him.