2 Average


Easy Monthly Instalments also popularly known as EMI is what the middle class prefer as their mode of payment. Also most aren’t strangers to calls promising personal loans in minutes. So when Suniel Shetty announced EMI with Sanjay Dutt as the bhai, it was definitely something to look forward to. A comedy with a message, something similar to Dutt’s extremely popular Munnabhai series. But matching or even coming close to Rajkumar Hirani’s epic movies, is not something you could expect from Saurabh Kabra, directing his very first movie.
EMI stars off pretty well, some of the jokes are clean and rib tickling. But the movie looses its way post interval, with the writing being the main culprit, for the otherwise well directed film.

The message the director tries to convey through EMI is the importance of being responsible once the dotted line is signed for a loan. But in an effort to try and commercialize the film, the director, takes a path which many directors have in the past. So when the credits finally roll EMI turns out to be nothing but your regular Bollywood masala potboiler.

We have Sattar Bhai (Sanjay Dutt), who is a successful recovery agent and owner of Good Luck recovery agency, with dreams of being a politician and social worker. So he is advised by the people who matter, to give people respect to get respect in return. So the ruthless bhai, turns into a good clean-hearted man, who not only helps people solve personal problems but also falls madly in love with a ‘loan victim’ (if you can call them so).

There are 4 short tales out of which the father-son story stands out and is easily the one most can relate to. Aashish Chaudary and Neha Uberoi tale, is poor performance wise but the story is by far the second best. The Urmila Matondkar and Arjun Rampal storylines are a terrible let down. The music is average.

Sanjay Dutt holds the movie together and does complete justice to a role he can easily sleep walk through. Urmila Matonkar looks better than we last saw her in Karzzz, but her laugh should be dubbed, its terrible. Arjun Rampal does well. Malaika Arora Khan sizzles her way through. Rest are okay.

Overall, EMI is worth a watch for Sanju’s performance and its interesting subject. All said and done, it could have been much better than it actually turned out to be. For a movie that seemed to have tremendous potential and mass appeal, its disappointing.
This movie is Average.