4 Very Good

Watched 2 Film on New Year Dunki and Sam Bahadur.
Review of Film
A journey back home with lots of love, humour, friendship, patriotism and strong emotions. Renowned director Rajkumar Hirani has done a wonderful job with these emotions, especially in the second half which is portrayed very well and the climax brings tears to your eyes.
The strongest point of this film is its portrayal of the immigration problem, which shows reality about their struggles, their feelings. How they get cheated by fraud agencies take advantage of their feelings, dreams and ignorance. In the dream of a better life, so many people lost their lives. And once they reach the land of their dreams, what a harsh reality they have to face, and perhaps this is also the weakest point.
How many of those who are going to theaters in search of entertainment with popcorn are aware of these problems? Even if we know, how many people can feel it?
Sometimes it is the responsibility of a good director/writer to spread the message, to make the public realize the issue, which is just a news to them.
There are some technical flaws, it could have been done better, it may not be Hirani's best, but overall it is a really good film with good intentions. You will laugh and cry.
Everyone has acted well, but among all these good actors, Vicky's small role and his acting have created an impact.
Taapsee Pannu has portrayed her acting abilities with efficiency. Vikram Kochhar, Boman Irani, Anil Grover have acted with liveliness.
SRK fans will enjoy seeing his phenomenal portrayal of someone who can die for his love, but can't lie, can't defame his country. Pritam's music was good but not extraordinary.
The hall was filled with families, parents bringing their children after a long time without any hesitation.
After so much violence, action drama, intimate scenes, toxic masculinity, in recent releases Bollywood finally brings a pure family drama to enjoy this festive season. So, all the best to the Team Hiani. My rating is 4 Star out of 5 Star.