5 Excellent


Drishyam- Less are the cases present in any film industry where a film is made with brilliant piece of writing (By Jeethu Joshep in case of this movie)and every other thing just revolve around it. Drishyam was one of those cases. One thing i would like to clear before you watch the movie is that this is not a suspense movie. It has been wrongly promoted same as happened in case of Aamir Khan's TALAASH. But yes its a part family movie and a part thriller. From the very start culprit will be in front of your eyes , but its hard to prove. Its all about how deep the truth has been dumped and how difficult its gonna be dig it out. To say about the plot will ruin the movie. Like the trailer shows Vijay(Ajay) is a very good man , with a golden heart , but somehow his family is being caught by the police to prove that they have kidnapped the son of Meera Deshmukh (Tabu) a cop. After that starts a thrilling ride in which Meera want evidence to prove Vijay and his family guilty , and Vijay will do anything to save his family as he say - "EK INSAAN KE LIYE USKI FAMILY HI SABKUCH HOTI HEI AUR UNHE BACHANE KE LIYE WO KISI BHI HADD TAK JA SAKTA HEI". The character of Vijay literally lived up to this quote of himself . But the movies seeks for your patience . The first half up to the crime happens was a little too stretchy. Length of 2hr and 43min for a thriller is too long. Some editing was needed on the first half. Although i personally didn't find anything boring , as it was good with light moments , making base for title characters , some good humour and a nicely picturized song CARBON COPY. Still its true that some editing could have made it better. Its like a tasty cake has been made but the Cherry was missing. But wait , the cherry has been provided by the 2nd half. For me which compensate all the minor errors of first half. You couldn't imagine how the writer has managed to write such a plot with so much details of investigation and specially the interrogations. This movie has some of the best interrogation scenes which Bollywood haven't shown us till now. Nishikant Kamat is one hell of a director. His land marks includes 1. making movies in 3 languages 2. have directed the highest grossing Marathi film. 3. Is very good with remakes - first FORCE and now this one. 4. Lastly he can dig out acting out of John Abraham. And any director who can make John Abraham act , is a great director for me. Nisikant truly amazes me with showing how good he can control intense scenes. Ajay Devgan shines again in a serious role. He brings all the seriousness to the character and also provide some comic moments on the first half. The character he played has made some decisions with ethical difficulties , which could be right from someone's eyes and can also be wrong in someone else's view. Vijay makes us believe that his decisions were right for the situation and any person would have done such things for safe guarding his family. About Tabu , she is one of the greatest actress Bollywood have. She doesn't have any comparison . Only rivalry she had or have or will have is she herself. As cop she was tough , and you cant imagine how tough she was. You have to watch it to know how she mixes up her emotions of being the mother of the victim with the emotions of a tough cop who is investigating the same case. About Shreya Saran , i love her smile. And i missed that smile since i had seen her in Awarapan. Although she didn't get much of the meaty role but she was decent as Ajay's wife. Same goes for Rajat Kapoor as Tabu's husband. Some unique cinematography has been done , as the movie shows Goa not from a tourist point of view but from a resident's point of view. Vishal Bhardawaj as music director was OK as he doesn't get much chance to impose good songs in the movie but the background score by Sameer Phatarpekar was brilliant. Yes i have to cut some marks for a stretchy first half , but m going with 7.7/10 which is not bad at all. The thing i said for PIKU i would like to repeat for this is that there exist no reasons why should anyone not watch this movie except in case you have seen the original one. Just one request , DON'T EXPECT ANY SUSPENSE , be patient and FLOW WITH THE INTENSITY. By ANuP APu KuMaR.