3 Good


Packed with just about every mass-friendly ingredient available on the shelf, which the hoi polloi laps up with delight - Funny sequences, super performances and loads and loads of laughter. Undoubtedly, Dream Girl will be welcomed with open arms by the aam junta! It makes no claims of catering to the intelligentsia. Instead, it's aimed at those who want to spend two hours of their precious life flexing their facial muscles. Side-splitting!

The writing (Raaj Shaandilyaa, Nirmaan D Singh & Niket Pandey) is stuffed with uproarious episodes and a couple of them are indeed side-splitting. At times, makes you break into guffaws, with all its bizarre, outrageous jokes and superb one-liners (Raaj Shaandilyaa). Kudos! What works to the advantage are two factors - the written material & the perfect casting (Nandini Shrikent & Karan Mally). Blemishes? Few sequences appearing stretched without any reason. The romantic track feels disingenuous. Second half is a mess in itself.

DOP Aseem Mishra impressively captures the essence of small town. Hemal Kothari's editing could have been better. Despite its 2 hour 13 minutes runtime, the film begins to feel longer as multiple plot lines overlap, creating a laborious comedy of errors. Abhishek Arora's BGM includes different set pieces for every character and has a naughty vibe which suits the proceedings. Songs by Meet Bros are foot-tapping & fit the genre of the film seamlessly. Raaj Shaandilyaa's direction does complete justice to the material.

Although Dream Girl boasts of a formidable star cast & every actor handles his/her part with effortless ease, the one who registers the maximum impact is Annu Kapoor. His comic timing is fantastic. The real scene-stealer. A treat to watch! Ayushmann Khurrana is the literal example of a ‘complete package’. He owns every sequence he features in. Dream Girl should find a prominent place in his repertoire. He plays to the gallery completely. Nushrat Bharucha pairs off very well & does a reasonably good job. The second performance that stands out from the rest is that of Vijay Raaz's. He's magnificent in a role that seems tailor-made for him. What timing! Viewers are sure to go into raptures. Manjot Singh is a revelation. Confidently shows a flair for comedy. Abhishek Banerjee's faultless comic timing coupled with the enthusiasm with which he goes through his part is worthy of immense praise. Nidhi Bisht is simply outstanding. Raj Bhansali's comic timing is impeccable and his one-liners are howlarious.

The mantra here is simple: Let the auditorium reverberate with laughter. And Balaji Motion Pictures' Dream Girl succeeds in its mission! Go laugh out loud and get entertained! But do carry a rumaal since this madcap comedy is quite kamaal in parts. You'd cry laughing!