4 Very Good

Double Dhamaal

Just saw Double Dhamaal .What a hilarious joyride! The film is so funny that you are sure to fall from your seats at several points in the narrative.

The story is a replica of old Dhamaal where the four jokers are still a broke .But unlike the original here they do not have a luck on their side .They are desperate for a job until they land a job in Sanjay Dutt's office after which there are so many twists and turns..

The first half is really good .The entire Satish Kaushik track is the biggest highlight .Also the way he mouths various filmi lingos is so so funny .

But however its the second half which takes you by a complete surprise .The film is filled with so many gems especially the 'Gorilla track ' haha .Its non-stop entertainment !!

However if slapstick comedies are not your cup of tea you may get disappointed with the film .Unlike the first part where the flow of humour was so natural here there are several scenes which seem forced and yawn inducing .

Also the ending could have a LOT BETTER .

Everyone is good .Sanju Babu is in form .Riteish Deshmukh rocks with his usual comic timing .Ashish Chaudhary is hilarious.Javed Jafrey proves to be a scene stealer .Mallika is sizzling .Kangana looks horrible and performs okay .

Overall a Dhamaal entertainer .A complete blast ...