1.5 Average

Don – The Chase Begins Again

First, I would like to tell that I like SRK. However, I would rate this movie only above Duplicate and below all his other movies. Maybe that's because I have seen Amitabh's Don and was comparaing against it (I had no choice since most of the movie was really a true copy).

There were times SRK was trying hard to copy Amitabh's style and dialogue delivery - but unsuccessful. Actually, at times I couldn't help but laugh at him as he was so bad in copying. Also, at times in first half I could see why some people say he is gay.

However, 2nd half of the movie was better and SRK did a good job. One thing I missed throughout movie were the awesome original songs (Mein huin Don & Khaike paan banaras waala - there was a version of it).

Watch as a time pass but nothing else. DON'T watch if you have seen original Amitabh's movie - or else you'll be dissapointed.