4 Very Good

Disco Dancer

Mithun is well known for his Classic movie Disco Dancer. Mithun delivers a superb performance in a great role. The actresses are long forgotten girls of the past. The villain is a little cartoonic, Om shiv Puri does a good job, and his son goes over the top. I enjoyed this film, but honestly there are some bad parts of this film. The director could of made it better and professional. The scene where Mithun's mother dies is a little too fast. Mithun is at the concert, His mother is at home, when she hears on the phone that the guitar that Mithun will play has high voltage electricity. You then see a scene of Mithun about to sing any second and at the same time Mithun's mother running from the house. Amazingly, she gets there in time to save him from touching, and touches it herself. This is one scene which could of been made better. The songs are great, I am a Disco Dancer, Goron ki na kalon and Eh Oh Ah. This is still a film worth the watch.