5 Excellent


When you come out watching a movie, and proceed immediately to ticket window and book your tickets for next show, DILWALE is of that kind, in league of its own.

Rohit Shetty's funda is simple: Entertain the spectator with larger-than-life heroism, amusing episodes, high-pitched drama, clap-trap and fiery dialogue, foot-tapping music, gravity-defying action, mass appealing humor… and of course, blow up as many cars as possible in trademark Rohit Shetty style, DILWALE has all of that and much, much more but this time he went ahead a step in entertaining us.

The best part of Dilwale is that role of every actor is very well sorted and everyone has equal importance.

Dilwale works, primarily thanks to the entertainment quotient and of course, the persuasive portrayals by its lead actors, especially SRK and Kajol. SRK is super-efficient and brings back the charm on screen. he has done some really cool stuff. At the same time,SRK allows VARUN to take the lead and he has does complete justice to those parts . Kriti looks gorgeous and did very well,even there 12-13 actors she made her presence felt. VARUN-KRITI look adorable together, would love to see them together in near future. unexpectedly, comic timing of Varun Sharma and Sanjay are unimpeachable.

KAJOL truly stands out, with SRK she just look perfect. after so long we get to see her on screen,that was so refreshing.she has done perfect justice to it. I think no one could have pulled off MEERA as she did. BOTH SRK -KAJOL has many shades and both were just perfect.

Perfect combination of drama, love