1.5 Average

This is another "feel good" film along the lines of Jab We Met. The characters are essentially the same with superficial differences. Shahid Kapoor plays himself and if he isn't careful, he will be stereotyped for these types of roles. Shahid Kapoor is an extraordinarily handsome man, but looks alone do not make an actor. He needs to take risks with roles that really stretch his talent beyond just looking good and saying "C'mon man".

Rani Mukherjee carries the movie, but she does not really understand how to play a man. She doesn't walk like a man, talk like a man and her facial expressions are a woman's. She looks like she is a woman disguised as a man. However, she is a still a vibrant actress. I agree with previous reviews that there is no chemistry between her and Shahid.

Anupam Kher needs to choose better roles that really exhibit his abilities as an outstanding actor.