4.5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

DHOOM2: SEE it to BELIEVE it...
Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride cuz Dhoom is back and its bigger and yes, 10 times better. Dhoom 2 revolves around the mysterious thief known Mr A. (Hrithik Roshan) No one has seen him, he trusts no one, works alone. He is chased by the cops Jai Dixit( Abhishek Bachchan), Ali( Uday Chopra) and Shonali( Bipasha Basu) who have a rough idea of where the next robbery will take place and they are hellbent on catching Mr. A red handed. What follows is ACTION and mindblowing SPECIAL EFFECTS. Dhoom 2 to me can be described in one word- HRITHIK ROSHAN. The new MEGA STAR. His body language is impeccable, no bollywood actor has ever looked so stunning. Abhishek gives a gr8 performance. Uday Chopra is brilliant as Ali. Bipasha in bikini is HOT, and so is ASH. Dhoom 2 goes beyond the expectations. A must watch for all movie lovers.