2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

The wait is over here ...........because her comes DHOOM 2 .........ONE OF THE BEST AND WORST FILMS OF THE 2006.

Now , let me start with the merits :

* Hrithik Roshan : He is the main asset of the flm followed by Aishwarya Rai.

* The exotic Locations of Brazil

* Uday chopra : He gives comic aid to the film at unexpected points.

* Fantastic Action scenes.

Now the queston arises , " Are there any demerits ? " . The answer is a long story :

* DHOOM 2has a weak and unexplained storyline . For instance , how can hrithik roshan come out of the gutter with such force ? Wherer did such a forcce come from ?

* There is a scene where ASH and Hrithik jump down a cliff ( as a part of training ) for no reason .

* Excluding Hrithik nobody else has given a memorable performance.

* The make up applied on ash's face is totally stupid and moreover it seems to wear off whenever she started crying.

* The climax has also been unexplained.

Credit sould also be extended to the coreographers who have done a fantastic job.
Overall , the film is just about OK with only Hrihtik roshan and the action scenes being its assets.