1 Poor

Dhoom 2

I liked Dhoom 1 and hence went for Dhoom 2 and it has proved that not all sequels has to be interesting .

You have good locales, neat photography , decent action and choreography and what lacked was a good screenplay which did nothing but testing tha patience of the viewer.

Hrithik looked excellent but as a character neither he looked like a Romantic hero nor an action hero. Abishek should not have accepted such a mediocre role where he did not even looked like a second fiddle as it has been taken over by aishwarya..

Uday yet again successful being noisy and loud. Bipasha coming in bikni also could not hold the interest of the viewer as the movie as a whole lacked sensibility. What happened to Esha deol who walked with Uday in dhoom 1 ? did she ditch him as he lacked common sense. This question came into my mind as Rimi's character was retained.

People can watch Dhoom 1 in DVD and have fun !!
Hopefully there is not Dhoom3 to test the patience.