3 Good

Dhoom 2

Frankly Speaking, Dhoom 2 is a so-so Sequel to Dhoom. The movie belongs completely to Hrithik and Aishwariya, and others seem to be just puppets. The much hype before the release may prove negative to the movie. It does not really stand up to the expectations. Do not expect something really great, except Hrithik's mind blowing stunts. The movie has been shot beautifully, with some super Action Sequences around the world. The look the movie has got is damn stylish. Hrithik looks Faboulous in each and every frame of the movie. Aishwariya has tried pretty well to prove her point. Has worked well on her shape. The rest, Abhishek Bachchan is good, nothing really exceptional to prove. Uday Chopra continues with the same Ali where he left Dhoom. Bipasha looks damn cool in the movie. Rimi Sen was not needed at all in the movie. But maybe, the director just wanted to continue the story from where he left Dhoom. In all, if you are looking for a new plot, you are advised not to watch the movie. But then, if you are looking for Style, Action, thats the point.
The Make-Up Artist has done an EXCEPTIONAL work, probably, the best ever Hindi Cinema has ever experienced. Hrithik's disguises completely ROCK!!! He looks unidentifyable in every Disguise. The movie all together is pretty average WITHOUT Hrithik. Some may like the movie, some wont. But the budget of the movie itself makes it worth a watch. Hrithik fans, this ones a MUST WATCH for you all.