2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

There are good movies,there are great movies,unfortunately Dhoom-2 the super-hyped action sequel falls in neither of these.
Lets give kudos to the director Sanjay ghandiv for amazing action sequences,other than that i would say the movie is an average flick.coming to the story,there isnt any, apart from hrithiks character.Movie would have been a better one had it maintained the tempo it did in the predecessor.
Lets talk about the Positive and negative sides of the flick
* The biggest +ve is ofcourse hrithik,his make up,his style,his cool attitude every thing is a +ve
* Action seqences,films like these are based on the action episodes this is no exception
* Slick editing, there hasnt been a hindi flick ever edited like this.
Lets talk about the -Ve of this movie
* The way Abhisheks character is built,is really weak.He looks like a mere Co-Star than hero.
* Repeated flirting by ali,wish his character would have been changed.
* Story,there isnt any story in the flick at all.

Lets pat Sanjay Ghandiv for this bold attempt, overall the look and feel of the film is great.

If you wanna watch, D-2 for the record sake you can,dont expect it to be better than D-1.