4 Very Good

Dev D

DEV D Is Eagerly Awaited Because It Promises To Be Different And Anurag Kashyap Has Always Deliverd Best Of The Films.Dev D Borrows Its Storyline From The Classic DEVDAS But With A Twist.The Screenplay Is Very Gripping.The First Half Is Completely Hooking And The Second Half Is Also Interesting.The Climax Is Well-PENNED And Well Executed.Dialouges Are Superb.Background Score Is Excellent.Music Is Awesome.Each And Every Song Is Beautifull.Cinematography Is Brilliant.The Locales Are Captured With Panache.
Anurag Kashyap Does A Superb Job.Abhay Deol Delivers An AWward Winning Performance.He Conveys A Lot Through His Expressions.Mahie Gill Makes A Rocking Debut.She Is Superb.Kalki Is A Natural Performer And That Shows In Her Work.The Remaining
Cast Is Brilliant.Overall,DEV D Is A Brilliant Cinematic Experience With Sparkling Performances And A Gripping Screenplay.