4 Very Good

Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly has definitely shown everyone, Bollywood is not always clean, Sweet n Fairytale-like. it has a mean side, and this is as mean as it can get.
The Music in this film is perfect for the unfolding of events. And all 3 of the guys do an exceptional job with their characters, though i feel Imran Khan wud be a lil behind compared to the other two. Aamir Khan production itself gives the movie the confidance fr the at least 3 stars but the caste and crew pushed it further and grab 4 stars from me.
heres not much to say abt the story line itself as the poster very frankly says it all... SHIT HAPPENS.... Story is weak, but the humour and dialogues make up for the loss. Dont miss India's most disgusting BLOCKBUSTER HIT!!! :D