5 Excellent


It has been long since you would've heard something refreshing besides just being entertained. And the long has come to short with Delhi 6, with magic of A R Rahman's music and the words of Prasoon Joshi. The Track starts of with Masakali, with a beautiful humming then with the lite beats and goes on with a soothing music for seconds... and the new refreshing style in music just begings. Foot tapping and just reminds me of the dance steps made by Sonam Kapoor in the trailer and feel like doing the same and enjoying the music. One of the finest refreshing music which will live for a very long time in people's mind. A R Rahman has done an excellent job composing this amazing track. After this song, a qawali takes its turn, called "Arziyan", a different qawali from Rahman with some some soothing tune which keeps a balance for qawali lovers and non-qawali lovers. With the deep Maula chorus penetrating deep into listener's heart. What makes me love this even more is because of the Jal-tirang then the bass guitar used in the music giving it a modern touch with classic written all over it.
Want to rock? Then heading over to the next track is Delhi 6 Title Track, which is amazing to listen and funky with some hindi rap in between. Well done.. A great music to be applauded.
Rehna Tu, will remain in everyones heart for the romantic touch with blues all over it. Well made by A R Rahman. The type of flute used in the end made it even more amazing. The tune, the guitar giving it extra seasoning. Well made it, and sung totally different. Something never expected was Rehna Tu.
Monkeys, Hey Kaala Bandar is for you.. a complete rap with some touch of Eminem style and indian touch mixed... this song added in the album just makes sure the whole album is for everyone to get their hands on.
Dil Gira Dafatan, my favourite song.. well done by Ash King. With acoustic guitar at every second the song is really soothing and touches everyones heart with beautiful lyrics and the Rahmanism in the song. A song that will never get you bored. Beautiful

The Rest 2 songs are something out of my Taste and something I dont understand so I dont wana review that part. All in all, this is must buy and I give it 5/5 rating. Perfect with no flaws.