5 Excellent


Most Critics say Sholay is the best film of all time, Deewar was released in the same year. Instead of Sholay winning all the awards it was Deewar. Deewar won almost every single award in the 1975 Filmfare Awards. Amitabh in yet another Powerhouse performance playing the very serious and disturbed angry man who went through a bizarre incident when he was young that causes him anger through out the film. Shashi Kapoor was impressive as the confused brother. Nirupa Roy is Fantastic in almost every film alongside Amitabh. Nirupa is popular in India known as Amitabhs Mother, since they have made many films together. The Late Nirupa Roy gives a Magnificent Performance as the mother who goes through hardship and dilemma. In my opinion this is Yash Chopra Finest Work. A Masterpiece that i can say is One of Bollywood Best Movies.